Interview with Mr. Robert Acs in Hungary

Interview with Mr. Robert Acs in Hungary



1) Please tell us a little bit more about your company: What is your business activity? What is your position in the company...?I'm the Owner/manager, and our company was established in 2001. Our main profiles are tyre garage, M.O.T station, and self service carwash. We just started doing construction and plant machinery work when we bought our first Bobcat, when we were building our carwash in 2010. Since we have bought 6 brand new Bobcat and lots of attachments. Our fleet include a Bobcat E16 mini excavator, a Bobcat E35 excavator, a Bobcat S160 skid steer loader, a Bobcat S650 skid steer loader, a Bobcat T650 compact truck loader, a Bobcat T35100SL telescopic handler and lots of attachments: such as two mixing buckets, two combination buckets, two hydraulic breakers, two augers, two pallet forks, a road sweeper, a snowblade, a crane jib, a light material bucket, lots of digging buckets, and the MBL-160 crusher bucket.


2) When did you buy our BF and which model? / On which excavator is it mounted?In 2012, MBL-160 crusher bucket. We use it on Bobcat S650 skid steer loader and on Bobcat T650 compact truck loader.


3) Which material do you crush with our MB-L 160?How did you hear about the bucket crusher and our company?We crush concrete with our bucket crusher. We met you at the Intermat Paris in 2012.


4) What made you choose to buy our bucket crusher instead of a standard crusher?We already have had a fleet of machines and we can use it with them. It is easy to move, to attach, and to use.


5) Using the bucket crusher has undoubtedly opened you to new possibilities and given you many advantages. In what terms did you manage to save money and add value to your work with the BF? How much time and resources can you save using it?With the crusher bucket we are able to crush refuse concrete on sites, and after we can use the crushed concrete for road foundations for example. So we can save fuel, time, and reuse waste material.We use it occasionally, depends on what contract we are working on.


6) What do you think about the maintenance and use of the bucket crusher?Our bucket is quite new hence we haven't got to do big maintenance yet.It is easy to use and to do the daily greasing.


7) Do you think our bucket crusher offers you new opportunities to be more competitive in the market? What are the main characteristics that distinguish the bucket crusher from other more conventional crushing methods?No company does crush concrete on site in our area. You can only hire big companies from big cities to do it, but they do it with big compact crusher, and it is rentable from couple of hundreds of cubic meters only.Therefore we have a big advantage, because with our machines and hydraulic breakers we can break roads, concrete, asphalt etc..., and after with the crusher, we are able to crush it, and we can load the crushed concrete to road foundations with our machines, and compact them after. And it is rentable for smaller quantities as well.So we can reuse old rubbish roads, pavements, et... and the contracting party doesn't have to buy as much stones for foundations.


8) In the future, would you buy another product from MB? As you know, MB has been in the market for over 10 years; we have recently designed and are now producing the screening bucket as well. Would you be interested in this new product?Yes, we are interested in your screening bucket as well.