An exciting journey with MB Crusher drum cutters

An exciting journey with MB Crusher drum cutters

''We are in Berlin, Germany, and it is here that the company ERA GmbH made use of the range of MB Crusher drum cutters to complete demolition works on an old bridge, which had loomed over the motorway for years.

As often happens, the demolition of a bridge leads to numerous logistic problems relating, above all, to the interruption of traffic along the road it spans.
One of the aims of the contractor was, in fact, to not block traffic during the demolition of the old bridge.

Following an initial phase, in which large drum cutters were used, it was the turn of smaller models from MB – specifically, the models MB-R800 (applicable to excavators of between 10 and 22 tonnes in weight) and MB-R900 (for excavators of between 19 and 35 tonnes) – to complete the work.
The large drum cutters were used at the beginning for the primary demolition of the layers which made up the bridge.

After this, in order to avoid too much stress on the structure, it was decided to use the MB Crusher drum cutters, the only cutters in the world fitted with the special patented system – direct drive twin motor system – which allows the differentiated distribution of power to the two cutting heads. In the case of operations on materials of varying hardness, the MB drum cutters adapt, applying power in proportion to the hardness of the material in question: this results in improved stability and a reduction in stress on the excavator arm.''