MB S.p.A., the Vicenza-based company world leader in the production and sale of crusher buckets, never ceases to amaze: as of 2010, the company puts its name on a brilliant idea, the Universal Quick Coupling, a winning piece of equipment thanks to which on-site jobs are made as easy as possible.

A new accessory that once again bears witness to the company's relentless efforts to innovate and be innovative, creating work tools that are increasingly cutting-edge, flexible and of basic use, just like its unique crusher buckets.


Available in seven versions, depending on the excavator and the pin on which it is assembled, the new Universal Quick Coupling allows all kinds of equipment, from the crusher bucket to the hammer, from the traditional bucket to the drill, to the same excavator, with very short installation times.

This new product by MB therefore improves pick-up geometry by reducing the distance between the excavator arm and the equipment used, thus speeding up the jobs carried out on site.

And that is not all. The strain on the excavator is also diminished, thanks to reduction of more than 50% of the weight compared to traditional couplings offered on the market: suffice it to think that the new Universal Quick Coupling weighs about 80 kg, compared to the 150 kg of couplings available today on the market. 

This universal coupling is quick and versatile and makes assembly operations easy thanks to the possibility of quickly assembling the pieces of equipment on both sides (front and back).

MB S.p.A., the Vicenza-based company world leader in the production and sale of crusher buckets continues to amaze by always occupying a place in the front lines in the demolition and recycling sector, and the constant research by a competent team ensures that the company is always one step ahead by offering work tools that are an absolute must at construction sites.

The equipment offered by the company has made it extremely competitive and well-known at the international level in just a few years.