The importance of size grading in a quarry


Quarries provide a plethora of important resources, and despite the differences between each location, there are two main problems that commonly appear on all job sites:

✘ managing the extracted materials
productivity rates

MB Crusher offers a range of solutions capable of increasing the quarry’s profitability and transforms expenses into advantages, despite the type of material extracted.


Quarry debris of sandstone comes in a mixture of sizes. Installing an MB-S18 screening bucket on a Kobelco SK220SD, the coarse materials are separated from the fines. The result? Clean material that’s ready-to-use as either foundation for new roads or in the construction industry.

MB Crusher’s attachments are easily added to your fleet: thanks to the excavator’s hydraulic system, the units work on the machine that they’re installed to.


The importance of size grading in a quarry


Compared to previous methods, using an MB-R900 drum cutter inside a gypsum quarry created smaller-sized materials. The small aggregates were suitable to be immediately sent to the stationary crusher plant and increased hourly production. The finished product is sold as a base for plaster.

MB units can be used immediately and do not require a specially trained operator.



In a enormous open-pit copper mine, the BF120.4 crusher bucket and the MB-S18 screening bucket proved to be the best machines for the job. Installed on a Caterpillar 336D excavator, the MB’s jaw crusher works day and night to crush the inert material  before it’s screened by the MB-S18 screening bucket.

The material created is perfect to cover the holes that the explosives created. Now, the explosion is more focused and efficient. The larger material is then used to build the roads inside the mine.

The units are great for situations where high-level performance and a high production rate is a requirement.



In a large coal quarry in southern India, they needed to manage the sizing of the coal as their surface miner was unable to adjust to the output size they needed

MB Crusher’s MB-HDS320 shaft screener bucket provided the solution. They installed the unit on the excavator and produced 55-66 tons per hour of the size needed to be used in the power plant.

MB Crusher’s attachments are essential to reducing waste and operational costs.