When recycling construction and demolition debris, mixed materials must be first separated to effectively be processed and then reused. With an MB Crusher, rotary screening bucket waste materials are easily sorted into multiple grades or by type.
Attachments are boom extensions that permit the driver to carry out more tasks than just digging: flexibility, practicality and are some of the pluses of introducing an attachment to your fleet, other advantages are:

  • reduce landfill waste
  • save time, labour and money
  • be able to work with any brand of carriers machine

They are pretty simple to use, plug into the hydraulic and work anywhere, literally.  

In a contained environment

J&L Equipos in Colombia worked in a small city area. With their 25ton Hitachi 250 LC and an MB-S18 trommel bucket, they cleaned the demolition debris without leaving the site. Repurposing the soil and enhancing debris size reduction was never so easy.

  • less traffic in and out of the sit
  • no landfill or processing centre costs

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A portable recycling centre

Norvàn General Contractor on the island of Puerto Rico has transformed their excavators into a mobile recycling centre with the usage of both an MB screener and a jaw crusher, two attachments that changed the way they operated before, as getting materials on an island is not always straightforward, they:

  • maximised usage of all of the materials available
  • conclude that ‘’with the right attachments, the job is done pretty easily.’’
  • avoid complicated delivery of materials for the jobs

One man, one machine

In Mallorca, Trans Pep Soler had an 8-tonne Komatsu WB 97 S5 backhoe loader. No problem in the MB Crusher line there are units suitable for loaders. They bought an MB-LS170 as they had tons of material to sift. After installing the screening bucket they managed to clean the material by themselves and:

  • avoided the costs of the processing plant
  • recovered also the sandstone which is now used for a variety of tasks
  • saved on purchasing material costs

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