Reducing travelling time. Reducing carbon footprint.


The quickest sea link between Europe and Asia is the Ain Sokhna port, just south of the Suez canal.

It is here where the MB Crusher bucket is showing to the Egyptian alliance of companies involved in the implementation of the project, how the MB’s jaw crusher bucket is the tool they need to implement the carbon footprint reduction from the construction stage.

How can MB Crusher Bucket influence project completion?

Over 400 km of railway stretch are being built. There is nothing for miles around.

Transporting the dug up rocks to a processing centre will:

✘ take time and delay the completion schedule;
✘ strongly increase CO2 emissions with trucks traffic.

Leaving the stones lying around unused is preposterous because:

  • a massive amount of subbase is needed for this project;
  • those stones are part of the local ecosystem.
Egypt was the first country in Africa and the Middle East to have a train network. It was built in the 1850s.

Now the antiquated existing 5000 kilometres of tracks will be implemented with a new high-speed electrical railway that will run between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean also passing through Egypt’s new administrative capital.

With new trains that will reach 260 km/hour, the project will:

✔ guarantee reduced travelling time within the country, with a forecast of 30 million passengers annually as well as freight cargos;
 reduce primary energy usage and overall air pollution by cutting carbon emissions.

So the necessity to be more sustainable outstretched to phase one of this project and with the aid of the MB Crusher units excavated rocks are reduced and reused in the railway construction.

Saving procurement money.
Reducing the number of trucks
to and from the job site.

Why MB Crusher?

For its flexibility and performance.

In Al Sokhna road the companies involved in the train project can see the MB Crusher BF90.3 reducing  basalt, limestone, dolomite rocks. The MB’s jaw crusher bucket will reduce all the several types of rocks that will outstretch throughout the project, producing regular-sized aggregate to be immediately reused.

By using the MB Crusher unit they are avoiding all costs related to purchasing the filling material while reducing substantially the carbon footprint of the project.