How does the MB-HDS Shafts Screener Increase Productivity?



A company in Texas was in charge of creating a new natural gas pipeline and needed to backfill the trench. Since their job site was away from the city, getting trucks to their location would take hours, leaving them with downtime. Not only did they need to figure out what to do for the backfill, but they also had piles of unused material after creating the trench.

Their idea was to use the soil they acquired but needed to separate the large rocks from the fine material. To make sure the equipment they were going to use didn’t create more issues for them to tackle, they created a list of requirements that the unit needed to meet so they could reach their deadline:

  • they had to be able to process material on site,
  • if the unit needed maintenance, they had to be able to do it at their location,
  • and it had to let them use the excavator they already own.
An MB-HDS320 padding bucket selects the material to use as backfill.


After researching, they turned to MB Crusher and spoke to one of our specialists to find out whether or not an MB unit was the best fit for them. They decided to use the second-largest shafts screener the MB-HDS320 for their Kobelco SK300 LC and equipped it with one of the six interchangeable shaft kits, the RQ20.

An MB-HDS320 shafts screener processing spoils to create fill for a pipeline project.


By using the padding bucket MB-HDS320, separating the material became an easy job: all they needed to do was scoop up the pile of rocks and dirt then screen it over the pipeline. They created 360 feet of backfill in an hour and a half, which was 20% to 25% faster than if they were to generate fill without the unit.

Pipeline projects with the Mb-HDS320 star screener in Texas

More About the Shaft Screener MB-HDS320 and the RQ20 Medium Sifting Kit:

The second-largest of the four padding buckets is the MB-HDS320 and weighs 4,629 pounds, making it compact and easy to transport. Installing the unit on an excavator or backhoe or loader depends on the operating weight; for excavators, it ranges from 35,300 pounds to 53,000 pounds, and 19,800 to 26,500 pounds for backhoes and loaders.

Each star screener can use the six interchangeable shaft kits, making them capable of processing different types of material ranging from composting, wet and dry soil, asphalt, and can even crush drywall or foliage. One of the shaft kits available for the MB-HDS line is the RQ20 medium sifting kit and can process the following material:

  • Screening damp or dry soil
  • Light construction debris
  • Composting
  • Soil Aeration