Foundry waste: recovering them is worth more than gold


Foundry waste requalification is of vital importance for the planet and it also represents a great boost in competitiveness and costs reduction for companies.

Its entanglements involve some important economic (for companies) and ecological (for the planet) aspects and today more than ever the sector finds itself having to adopt new solutions to recondition metals and waste materials.

One of these solutions comes from MB Crusher.

With MB Crusher units it is possible to work on-site and recover most of the metallurgical waste: cast iron, steel, aluminium, light metals, non-ferrous metals, foundry sand from unusable moulds.

There are several advantages in using MB Crusher units:

  • managing the recycling process at the site;
  • reducing  disposal costs;
  • working indoors;
  • obtaining ready-to-use material;
  • savings in the purchase of raw materials;
  • minimizing the dispersion into the environment.

Crush, Sift, Recondition.

In Russia, in the Volgograd region, our customer - the owner of several foundries- has been using for years a fixed crushing plant in one of his blast furnace waste treatment plants. However, for his new establishment, he needed to find a faster and more convenient solution.  

MB Crusher Russian team of consultants determined the solution in a BF135.3 crusher bucket combined with an MB-S23 screening bucket which, installed on Hyundai 480LC excavator, have allowed the customer to obtain various advantages including:

Less waste than a fixed plant.
Greater versatility, thanks to the single-step  loading and crushing system.
Huge saving in time and machinery.

Which MB Crusher unit is suitable for processing my material?


BF135.8 crusher bucket installed on Hyundai 480LC excavator crushes and reconditions foundry waste

Reclaiming waste pays off.

Thanks to the MB Crusher crusher and screening combination, our customer can obtain two types of materials:

  • With the crusher bucket, he produces crushed material of the output size needed, which will be resold to construction companies or road works.
  • With the screening bucket, equipped with a 30x30mm grid, he selects the steel contained in the crushed material and which could not otherwise be recovered.

With the MB Crusher screener, our customer completes the revaluation cycle of these scraps, gaining about 70 tons of metal per month, which can be sold or returned to the production process.

The customer is very satisfied with his recycling centre consisting of MB’s crusher and screener, which has allowed him both to recover the foundry waste efficiently and transform it into a new source of income for his business.

How much are they?