The Vicenza-based company continues its expansion, and after Germany looks to China The results achieved over the last financial year by MB S.p.A., the Vicenza-based world leader in the production and sale of bucket crushers, are just reward for the Azzolin family’s philosophy based on research and development into revolutionary products. MB’s bucket crushers were the first to appear on the market. Their versatility of use and the resulting benefits make them the ideal machinery in various fields of application, such as demolition, handling materials from earth-moving, quarrying and mining operations, environmental reclamation and redevelopment of former industrial and urban areas. During the latest board meeting, in the presence of the group’s president Guido Faresin, CEO Guido Azzolin, managing directors Carla Azzolin and Diego Azzolin and directors Sante Faresin and Fausto Azzolin, the financial statements for 2008 were approved. A year full of successes which led to the Vicenza company closing the financial year with a turnover of 20 million euros, 40% from European markets and 60% from the rest of the world, and share capital amounting to €400,000, enabling MB to change its status from a limited liability (Srl) to a joint stock (S.p.A.) company: a transformation which for years had been the aspiration of the Azzolin brothers and sisters who are gearing up to face their new responsibility with a wholly optimistic outlook. “We are truly satisfied with the results we have achieved”, explains Guido Azzolin, the company’s CEO. “In addition to closing the year with increased profits, MB shows an upward trend of 800% since our founding year in 2001.”

Extremely positive operating results, then, for a company which, even in a period of global recession, continues to invest, believing firmly in the extremely high quality of the products it offers and which, thanks to the strong financial growth it has achieved over the last few years, have allowed it to allocate revenues to substantial investments in research and development. The financial results attained have rewarded the company from Breganze by enabling it to remain innovative and at the leading edge in a demanding market, to which it is capable of responding actively thanks to the strong values in which it believes and its strong communication capacity which has led it to implement substantial changes at the financial/entrepreneurial level.

A significant initial project will see the company involved in a push to expand into new emerging markets, which will enable the company, which already exports to over 100 countries, to expand, and will consolidate its identity and sales policy. After the opening of its new branch in Germany at the end of June, it has its sights set on markets in China, Brazil, India and the USA. “In order to be able to penetrate markets that we consider interesting, we will soon be moving to new premises in Fara Vicentino, which will be more advanced and technological,” explains one of the company’s managing directors, Diego Azzolin, who is in charge of the production department. “It will have a large warehouse in which production will be more automated and taken to the highest technological level. In this way we will be ready to meet any demands of the international market and offer products of the highest quality, guaranteed 100% made in Italy.”

Furthermore, during the shareholders’ meeting large investments in research and development were approved, as well as a regular presence at the most important trade fairs – a sign of how MB S.p.A. refuses to stand still in the face of the recession but on the contrary, aware of the extremely high quality of the products it offers, continues to lead the way in communication. The company will be taking part at the BAUMA trade fair in Munich in 2010, the most important international event in the sector.

Once again MB, a company 100% “Made in Italy”, shows itself to be a leader capable of proposing revolutionary ideas and activities that can satisfy the needs and demands of customers worldwide.

For further information: www.mbcrusher.com