United Motors and Heavy Equipment LLC Demo (United Arab Emirates)


MB bucket crusher don't now any boundaries and, year after year, continue to assert itself all over the world, especially in the territories of the UAE, where the added values of MB - securing revenue, cost savings - are well known and appreciated. Thanks to the cooperation of the dealer United Motors & Heavy Equipment LLC, in fact, the bucket crushers are engaged in the first two days of February in a show that will highlight once again the many qualities of the MB products. The demo in Fujairah  will be held in a cave - the main field of application for the bucket crushers in the UAE - where customers will see in action the new BF 120.4 MB as an example of excellence and technological innovation applied to many fields such as demolition, recycling, quarries and mines, road construction. Collaboration with United Motors & Heavy Equipment LL began last year giving immediately numerous positive aspects, and even now, looking out to 2011, is still realizing  a series of successful results in UAE market. The  MB bucket crusher advantages appear to be increasingly evident in the Arabian Peninsula, indicating that the continued commitment of the Italian company, combined with its ongoing investment in technology and research, can reach any area, whether near or far, by serving the needs of all clients.