The UAE War on Waste: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in Dubai with MB Crusher


Rapid economic expansion means more homes, more industries and more constructions. But it also brings mountains of waste.

As the UAE grows, so does the amount of rubbish it produces. With the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ being heard around the world, various forces are working in the country to educate the public about the importance of a greener future.

At Eco-Waste, an annual conference hosted by Masdar, this Abu Dhabi sustainable energy company reported that waste generated by UAE increased from 6.6 million tonnes in 2010 to 8.4 million tonnes by 2017.  For the whole Arabian Gulf, almost 29 million tonnes of rubbish are forecasted, creating a waste management industry that potentially could be worth Dh6.2 billion.

Dubai Municipality estimates that the city recycles 25 per cent of its refuse, but it aims to increase it to 75 per cent by 2021. Public-private partnerships will play a crucial role in meeting this aim.

The “circular economy”, involving recycling and reusing materials to put them back into manufacturing, will become increasingly important. The massive step is having the easy-to-access infrastructure for the consumer to recycle,  because in UAE the landfill is still very cost effective.



Inert waste become a resource with MB Crusher.

MB Crusher created a product line that make possible to manage the complete recycling phase directly on-site, by simplifying the operations of crushing, screening and handling of aggregates. Crusher and screening buckets, drum-cutters and sorting grapples are installed directly to a heavy equipment machine and powered by its hydraulic system.

Compact attachments with a low acoustic impact, in compliance with the terms laid down in "ISO 3744" and the Machinery Directive 89/392 EEC. MB crushing and screening buckets can be equipped with a magnetic kit to collect iron from debris and a dust suppression kit, that sprays water to control the dust. 


Aggregates and debris resulting from a working site can be processed by MB Crusher machinery and transformed into material ready for re-use on the site itself, or sold for other applications. This way, companies are no longer compelled to dispose of it at the dump, but can put it back into the working cycle, saving time and money.

With MB Crusher machines, the material is recycled on the spot, thereby avoiding the landfill costs, transportation cost as well as pollution created by vehicles driving to and from the dump. Plain advantages are not just for the company that is using them and the workers, but mostly for the environment

This is applicable to all kinds of sites, from road construction sites to demolitions, to the laying of new pipelines, to mines and quarries, to the disposal of railway sleepers, lamp posts, and vineyard poles. But also to large recycling centres where iron materials, foundry waste, glass and many other materials are salvaged.