The ''kids'' of the MB Crusher family


Waste and residues - once materials to be disposed of - are now transformed by MB into a new source of profit, with significant environmental benefits.

Until recently, nobody had thought of this. Then along came MB Crusher, who designed and produced machinery that transforms loaders, skid loaders and backhoe loaders into mobile crushing and screening tools.

Real jewels of mechanics, MB-L crusher buckets and MB-LS screening buckets can be used with any “size” of skid loader, loader or backhoe loader, from 2.4 to 25 tons. They work very simply, just like the range of crusher and screening buckets for excavators. They enable crushing and screening of inert materials to be carried out on-site.

They offer many benefits to companies: savings in terms of personnel because they only require one machine operator; reduced costs and processing times, because the material is processed on-site without the need for transportation to landfill or the need to buy new material; greater agility on-site, especially in smaller sites or inside warehouses, because the MB-L and MB-S models are compact and easy-to-use; they are environmentally-friendly as waste material is recycled on-site, reducing transportation to landfill and therefore vehicle pollution.

Beautiful to look at, built to last

MB-L and MB-LS crusher buckets are fitted to a skid loader, loader or backhoe and operate by utilising the machine’s hydraulic system. 

The MB-L models collect and crush debris from demolitions or excavations. The size of the output material can be controlled by spacers inserted into the bucket.

MB-LS models are used to separate waste material, whether natural or construction debris, resulting from any type of work. The screened material can be reused in drainage work, to cover underground pipes and to refill excavation sites. Or it can be resold.

All MB-LS models are equipped with interchangeable modular panels. This allows the client to quickly change the size of the output material. The basket’s unique and innovative conical shape is specially designed to increase hourly production performances and to screen all collected material. Residue-free.

Like all MB machinery, the MB-L and MB-LS series are also 100% Made In Italy and Hardox in My Body certified. This means they are manufactured with high-quality, wear-resistant, heavy-duty materials.

From the demolition site to cleaning furnaces.

It’s easy to find an MB-L crusher bucket or an MB-LS screening bucket at work. Many clients have chosen to transform their compact machinery into crushing and screening tools, in various areas of application.

Some clients use them to screen soil during environmental reclamation work. Others use them to screen ferrous waste, as in a large recycling centre in Padua.
Many clients use them in demolition sites. They are also used during pipeline construction, beach cleaning or reclamation of public green areas.
The smallest models are especially suited for recycling metals and steel slag from periodic furnace cleaning. In this case the waste is cleaned of residual dust and made resalable as good-quality steel.

To each their own.

MB Crusher has created a complete range of crusher buckets and screening buckets for use with loaders, skid loaders and backhoes.

MB-L Crusher Bucket

  • MB-L120: for skid loaders from 2.80 tons and backhoes and loaders between 5 and 7 tons.
  • MB-L140 for skid loaders from 3 tons and backhoes and loaders between 6 and 8 tons.       
  • MB-L160 for skid loaders from 4.5 tons and backhoes and loaders between 7 and 10 tons.
  • MB-L200 for skid loaders from 6 tons and backhoes and loaders between 7 and 10 tons.

MB-LS Screening Buckets

  • MB-LS140: for skid loaders from 2.6 tons.
  • MB-LS170: for backhoes and loaders from 6.5 to 11 tons.
  • MB-LS220: for loaders and backhoes from 12 to 25 tons.