That's the reason why MB Crusher is a solution for pipelines projects


Saudi Arabia will continue to be the region’s biggest projects market according to “Saudi Arabia 2017: Delivering Vision 2030,” report by MEED.
The Country has also a pipeline of over $250 billion worth of projects under development that have not yet seen their main construction contracts awarded. The kingdom’s energy sector has the biggest pipeline of unawarded project contracts, with $82bn worth of projects accounting for about 33% of the national total.

The construction sector is the second biggest segment at 29% with the transport sector third at 27%. []

Why MB Crusher is a solution for pipelines projects:

In such projects using new technologies offers added value in terms of time and cost. In pipelines projects, the MB range of Crusher and Screening Buckets is particularly suitable. Applicable to any kind of excavator, loader, skid steer and back-hoe loader, it allows crush and select the material in order to reuse it directly on site as road base, drainage filling, trench filling.
By using MB's range for digs, channelling, construction and maintenance of sewage, water and gas pipelines, the costs of loading and transporting materials to the landfill are eliminated completely, with significant savings in terms of money and time.

There are many important pipeline projects where MB Crusher products have been involved. For example, MB Crusher has been partner in the development of the South Caucasus Pipeline and Trans Anatolian Pipeline, providing 13 Screening Buckets MB-S18 for operations development in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey.