Recycling marble stones in Lebanon with the BF70.2 crusher bucket


A company is operating a marble quarry in the South of Lebanon. This operation generates a big amount of stone debris that have been rejected.

Using the BF70.2 crusher bucket on a Cat 320 excavator they were able to have an efficient and profitable recycling solution for the rejects aiming to generate additional income for crushed stones.

MB Crusher innovation on site

MB crusher bucket versatility of use and advantages have led companies to the very high production levels: directly on site, the crusher bucket crushes the material and allows the product that requires crushing to be collected by placing it in a mound on the truck or in the site to be filled in, thus hastening operations.

Thanks to exclusive and patented Made in Italy technology, MB crusher buckets can process all extracted material, in order to render it re-usable directly on-site or sold for other applications. The precision of production allows for materials which were previously destined solely for disposal to be processed in calibrated batches, which can be re-sold or re-used on-site, thus leaving the mineral balance of the quarry/site unaltered.