New technologies for Lubembe Bridge

New technologies for Lubembe Bridge

The Lubembe Bridge in the Democratic Republic of Congo is part of the Pedicle Road project that connects Luapula and Copperbelt Provinces and passes through the DRC and whose total contract value is about K276,000,000.

The bridge will be 85 metre long and 11.8 metre wide and will ease the movement of people and cargo between the Copperbelt and Luapula provinces.

This is a very interesting project, where the use of new technologies offers added value in terms of time and cost. In such projects, involving road works, the MB range of Crusher and Screening Buckets is particularly suitable. Applicable to any kind of excavator, loader, skid steer and back-hoe loader, it allows crush and select the material in order to reuse it directly on site as road base, drainage filling, trench filling.
Thanks to the jaws adjustment, it allows to self produce the stabilized for pavements and sub-bases, according to Client's needs. Moreover, the usage of our equipment will bring notable saving in purchasing costs of new  material and will be able to reduce or even eliminate transportation costs.