MB to cut down crushing costs in Ethiopia


Crushing and recycling has become very important in demolition and mining operations and the need to make the most of all available material, has prompted astute operators to use also the waste material which once was simply piled up, thorugh away or brought to a disposal. That’s the reason why MB crusher products can represent a solution to cut down the demolition and crushing costs in many projects.

With MB you can crush the material and reuse it directly on site as road base, drainage filling, trench filling, limiting the purchase of new material and reducing transportation costs; all without adding any capex or primary equipment requirement to normal operations.

Used alone or complementing other hydraulic attachments (like rock breakers, compactors, pulverizers shears and others), MB products represent the best solution for the construction requirements of these growing sectors where productivity, performance, cost efficiency and durability are all essential.

There are several examples and opportunities where MB attachments could be used to satisfy the requirements of the sector where productivity, performance and durability are essential. Let’s take some example of the most important projects in Ethiopia:

Hamusit–Estie road upgrades

This project is a part of Ethiopia government’s initiative to develop the road sector in the country by improving, expanding and rehabilitating the existing road network.

The project aims to contribute to the facilitation of movement of goods, agricultural products and passengers within the project area and the highway network that leads to the capital, Addis Ababa.

The project will also contribute to the improvement of traffic efficiency and safety, reduce the time and transportation expenses and alleviate poverty, a statement by the bank said.


Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale road

The completion of the 505 km Isiolo-Marsabit-Moyale road in Northern Kenya has fostered trade with Ethiopia, opening up the neglected region as well as boosting tourism and investment.

The road forms part of the Great North Road that stretches from Namanga on the Kenya-Tanzania border, through Nairobi and up north to Moyale, on the Ethiopian border.


Hawassa and Semera airports passenger terminals construction projects

The Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE) on Friday awarded the Hawassa and Semera airports passenger terminals construction projects valued at 270 million birr to local contractors.

The Hawassa Airport passenger terminal which can accommodate 120 passengers at a time would be undertaken at a cost of 126,534,721 birr. The project is awarded to FE Construction Material Rental Production and General Contractor. The design is drafted by Bereket Tesfaye Consulting Architects and Engineers. It would take one year to complete the construction.