MB Attachments for road construction project in Zambia


New roads construction are really important in every Country, especially in African territories. That’s the reason why Government of Zambia announced that the contract for Construction of 98.3 Km Nyimba-Luangwa Bridge road rises from 33.1 million to 55.6 million Euros.
The works on the Great East Road from Luangwa Bridge to Mwami border are progressing well despite the slowdown on the 15 kilometre Petauke-Sinda stretch.
A very important investment, that requires innovative solutions and machineries.

The MB Crusher Bucket for road construction

Operating process of the MB Crusher Bucket is extremely simple. First of all, the material can be taken directly to a yard or to any other location. This is followed by a phase in which the material is prepared for the work cycle by means of grabs and jackhammers. This is how the loose material crushing process begins, the material having been previously picked up, hoisted, carried and unloaded by the same bucket, and lastly grounded at the desired thickness. The resulting material can be reused for other jobs at the same worksite or be taken to other worksites and used to build yards, road embankments, drainage systems and for filling in various excavations.

Special attention should also be paid to the crusher bucket being employed to crush inert materials to be subsequently used to form the stabilized pavement for road foundations. In fact, many companies have chosen the MB crusher bucket as a must-have tool for their daily operations: the demolition and roadwork sector requires the recycling and production of materials to be reused, also offering the significant opportunity to sell directly the rubble and gravel.