Interview with Mr. Khaled Maatouk at CET – Pan Arab highway, Lebanon.


Interview with Mr. Khaled Maatouk at CET - Pan Arab highway, Lebanon.



1-      Please tell us a little bit more about your company: What is your business activity? What is your position in the company...? My name is Khaled Maatouk and I am the Plant and Workshop manager of the company  JV. CET, located in Pan Arab highway - lot A (Hourie).

2-      Which model of BF did you buy? / On which excavator is it mounted? Our crusher bucket is a BF 120.4 and we have mounted it on the excavator CAT.DL 330.

3-      Which kind of jobs do you do with the BF? How do you use it? Which material do you crush? We use it to crush stone for limestone Bolder .

4-      How did you hear about the bucket crusher and our company? I heard about MB from an Exhibition. I heard- All the best about your company and your product!!

5-      What made you choose to buy our bucket crusher instead of a standard crusher? Your bucket make us save time and money. With a good operator and management we can keep on working for at list 60 days. 

6-      In the future, would you buy another product from MB? As you know, MB has been in the market  for over 10 years; we have recently designed and are now producing the screening bucket as well. Would you be interested in this new product?  Or would you preferably buy another bucket crusher? Yes, we could be interested in the screening bucket!