Innovation and environmental sustainability in Saudi Arabia with MB attachments

Innovation and environmental sustainability in Saudi Arabia with MB attachments

Neither the heat or the very hard rock in Saudi Arabia can stop MB Crusher equipment from working. We find ourselves in the area of Jeddah, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia, in the Hejaz region.

It is here, in the vicinity of the city which originated as a fishing village founded 2500 years ago, and is now the meeting point for millions of pilgrims, that the BF135.8 crusher bucket and the MB-R900 drum cutter work incessantly, day and night, to recover and process various cubic metres of local material.
Fitted to a Doosan 420LCV excavator, the BF135.8 recovers aggregates which will then be used for the creating of roadbeds.

Together with the MB Crusher eco-crusher, one of the latest innovations from the company is also being used: the MB-R900 drum cutter, the largest model in the range, the only cutter in the world to be fitted with the Direct Drive Twin Motor System, a particular patented system which allows for the differentiated distribution of power to the two cutting heads. Once cut, the material can be processed with the crusher bucket, in order to obtain the ideal size for the creation of roadbeds, or to fill digs.

Innovation and environmental sustainability in Saudi Arabia with MB attachments

Innovation combined with economic and environmental sustainability: MB Crusher products, pioneers of the revolution of crushing methods, fit perfectly into the scope of the “Vision 2030” plan, a true transformation project which will support the Kingdom for the next few years, placing focus on increasing the efficiency of the government, promoting economic growth, the expansion of the private sector and the creation of job opportunities.

An ambitious project which will change the face of the country. A project which requires cutting-edge machinery, constructed to diversify work and provide added value to the companies that use it. Just like MB Crusher products, created to make a difference in every work-site and transform waste from works into earnings.

Innovative products such as those made by MB Crusher can also make a difference in specific projects such as “The National Project Management Organisation” (NPMO) (known as “Mashroat”), which will support Saudi government agencies in delivering complex infrastructure projects, in line with Saudi Arabia’s “Vision 2030” plan to modernise the Kingdom’s administration.

 "The new contract builds on Bechtel’s experience in assisting the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yanbu in the development and expansion of the Jubail and Ras Al Khair industrial cities. Bechtel has worked on significant infrastructure projects in Saudi Arabia, including the King Fahd and King Khalid airports, and the Ras Al Khair aluminum smelter.


MB-R900 Drum Cutter at work in Jeddah

BF135.8 Crusher Bucket crushing Granite in S.A.

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