MB S.p.A. is ready to play its cards also in Tunisia: from 24 to 27 November 2010 the company's  lucky ace -  the crusher bucket - will be taking the stage in Horizons Expo 2010, a very important event that will draw many exhibitor companies to present their most innovative products and the latest technological developments in the building construction and concrete sector.

The North Italian company will be represented by Parenin S.A., that has been promoting MB products in Tunisia. 

MB S.p.A. will take part in the event with its BF 90.3: this revolutionary machine, together with the other models offered, has radically changed the methods of work on site. This is due to its jaw action which enables it to crush aggregate and rocky materials directly on the building yard, thus providing a great saving in terms of both costs and time. MB, a pioneer company in the crushing field, has opened an important market niche in the recycling, building and earthmoving equipments sectors, where it is the undisputed world leader.