Choose MB hydraulic attachments for Trans-Sumatran Highway project

The project:

The project:

The Trans-Sumatran Highway (Indonesian: Jalan Raya Trans-Sumatra) is a primary north-south road in the Indonesian island of Sumatra, 2,508.5  km long, and connecting the north of the island in Banda Aceh to Bandar Lampung in the south, running through many major cities, including Medan and Padang on the way.

Divided into four main sections of Lampung-Palembang, Palembang-Pekanbaru, Pekanbaru-Medan and Medan-Banda Aceh, the project will connect all the major cities in Sumatra.

The project is part of the Indonesian Government's master plan for the acceleration and expansion of Indonesian economic development infrastructure project.

MB solutions:

In this type of major artery roads the use of MB Screening Bucket and MB Crusher Bucket together,  permit the use of natural local resources leaving the same environment also letting the work to be on schedule.

BF90.3 on New Holland Excavator

MB Screening Bucket

With MB Screening Bucket you can do the primary selection of scrap material, demolition material, filling material for excavations, and material resulting from the reclamation of rocky soil.

MB-S18 S2 on Volvo Excavator

MB crusher bucket

With the use of the MB crusher bucket the material resulting from excavation remains on the job site, and can be crushed and reused directly within the same project.

MB eliminates the need to transport of crushed material to the dump or landfill and simplifies the operations by eliminating trucking and hauling as well as significantly reducing the associated costs.

MB hydraulic attachments are built to satisfy the requirements of the sector where productivity, performance and durability are essential. MB is the best choice for earthmoving works, demolitions, road construction, piping and recycling with the highest respect of the environment.