500 construction jobs in Cork over the next five years


“UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK (UCC) has unveiled a €350 million investment plan which will create more than 500 construction jobs in Cork over the next five years.” This is what thejournal.ie reports in one of  its news.

Amongst the key construction projects scheduled we can find the construction of new student accommodation, new buildings for the clinical medical school, a creative hub and Cork University Business School, the construction of improved facilities for the School of Law and the UCC library and more.

This means it is an important project, involving large companies and a number of businesses, which will provide students with high-quality education in a safe and well-equipped environment.

[pictures from https://www.ucc.ie/]

How can MB Crusher products being involved in such important project?

MB crusher bucket versatility of use and advantages have led companies to the very high production levels: directly on site, the crusher bucket crushes the material and allows the product that requires crushing to be collected by placing it in a mound on the truck or in the site to be filled in, thus hastening operations.

So for example an MB Crusher bucket can be used to recycle the inert waste materials from the excavations for the foundations. The crushed rock can than be reused to fill on-site excavations and as subgrade for the roads within the school.

That’s what exactly is happened in Qatar, where a BF90.3 crusher bucket is working for a large construction company for the construction of Oryx International School in Doha.

MB Crusher buckets are already working in Ireland.

In this video, for example, the BF90.3 is crushing limestone on a CAT 323 D excavator. With a single attachment it's possibile to recycle inert material directly on site, saving time and money.