2018 Time to be competitive in Greece, procurement costs can set you between the winners.


Greece's construction sector looks set to see infrastructure projects tendered or completed within 2018. All projects worth billions of euros.

Greece finally turns the corner.

These projects will set the terms for competition in the sector – separating the winners from the losers. Procurement costs will play a relevant role within businesses, permitting competiveness during tender stage as well as the operational one. Moreover companies will be required to proceed within the strictest standards to protect the environment. 


Two fundamental aspects that entrepreneur need to respect to place themselves between the company that will win a place in the projects. 


Things appear to be looking up.

MB Crusher Bucket, Screening Bucket and Drum Cutter can provide the versatility needed to stand out, cutting out transport in congested roads while doing the new Athens metro line (Line 4).

This section of Athens Metro will provide transportation services to many important facilities, such as Hospitals  and the Olympic Stadium. In addition, it will ensure transfer to existing line 1 (Marousi) and to Suburban Railway (Paradissos), optimizing the passengers flow to/from the Northern Suburbs and the interconnection with the Suburban Railway.  


Several highways project are in the spotlight this year, the Cretan highway from Heraklion (or Iraklio) to Hania, budgeted at more than 1 billion. The 300-million-euro construction of the Lamia-to-Xyniada part of the Athens-to-Thessaloniki national highway. The Halkida ring road in central Evia and the new Iraklio airport at Kastelli, estimated at 480 million.

All projects that must proceed as quickly as possible due to their significant role and the improvement that they will bring. And MB attachments will serve this purpose by enhancing the heavy equipment available on site, eliminating the need to have any extra machinery brought in. 

Also the Trans Atlantic Pipeline ( TAP) in Greece is approximately 550 kilometers. TAP’s longest section, will start at Kipoi, near the country’s border with Turkey, and finish at its border with Albania, south-west of Leropigi. This project as already seen several screening buckets  MB-S18 S3, suitable for excavators from 20 to 35 ton, used to directly reuse recovered materials speeding operations and cutting down material purchasing costs.

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