Italy will be one of the top teams at the next football World Cup to be held in South Africa in 2010.

It is therefore fitting that the company supplying the machinery to build the new Johannesburg stadium should be Vicenza, Italy-based firm MB s.p.a. The company's bucket crushers are currently being used on the construction site for the Soccer City Stadium where the World Cup final will be held on 11 July 2010.


"We were very excited when, together with our South African distributor High Power Equipment Africa, we won the order to supply the bucket crushers for construction of the stadium where the opening and closure ceremonies for the 2010 World Cup will be held," commented managing director of MB s.p.a. Guido Azzolin. "It was a real surprise and made us proud of our products and proud to be able to bring a piece of Italy to this major world event."


It all began when, after numerous visits to construction sites in Johannesburg, the company discovered that work on the large construction complex for the World Cup was generating considerable quantities of inert material. This led to the idea of proposing the bucket crusher, an idea that was received by the works management with a degree of interest that went well beyond the company's expectations.

"We are proud to demonstrate that Italy has much to offer the world, particularly for these large-scale events," adds Azzolin.


As a result of major investments in research, the world-leading Italian company is able to manufacture technologically advanced bucket crushers with unmatched performance. This is why MB  products were chosen by Liviero Civils for the construction of the largest stadium in South Africa with a capacity to hold almost 100,000 people. The project demonstrates the outstanding operational flexibility of MB bucket crushers, which have rapidly established a strong position in this market. It also highlights the process of internationalisation carried through by the company, which for many years has been the unchallenged leader in the production of bucket crushers at an international level.


Managing director Guido Azzolin concludes: "In a period of global economic crisis like the present, our machines in Johannesburg demonstrate that companies that invest in research and technology and propose cutting-edge products will always be successful and can establish a strong presence even in such elite segments as that of large-scale construction."


MB s.p.a. specialises in the production of bucket crushers, cutting-edge machines designed to meet customers' needs in terms of operational quality and effectiveness. MB has developed a competitive and economically advantageous solution, the benefits of which are demonstrated by its use in the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg.