Recovering overload material to improve the viability in the extraction sites in an eco-sustainable way

We are located in the Trans-Baikal territory, Gazimuro-Zavodsky district, in a rather remote area bordering China. In this place, in the heart of Siberia, stands the impressive Bystrinsky GOK extraction plant. (

 The latest generation equipment inside the plant is carefully chosen to ensure high performance even in extreme conditions.

MB Crusher Units for quarry maintenance

In December, the  MB Crusher equipment was delivered to Bystrinsky GOK:

  • Crusher bucket BF120.4.
  • Screening bucket MB-S18.

The BF120.4 Crusher Bucket was installed on the Caterpillar 390F Long Boom Excavator already used in the quarry for a wide range of jobs including recovering and spreading crushed stone in its streets and maintenance of quarry sides, which can have many potholes and become dangerous.

But what was the mission of the MB Crusher products in this mining site?

Turning Overload Rocks into a Resource

Turning Overload Rocks into a Resource

The materials processed by MB Crusher equipment is siltstone, an overburdened material resulting from the excavation activities of the surface rocks of this site.

Since it is an "empty" surface material, it is recovered in an eco-sustainable way and made suitable for the production of:

  • road mixes;
  • crushed stone.

"At this moment, the crusher bucket is installed on the excavator: I load the material, crush it and organize it in small heaps. Then the material is loaded by the machinery that distributes the crushed stone on the road"  tells us the operator Voronov Igor 'Vladimirovich.

With the installation of MB Crusher equipment, it was possible to crush and recover the overload rock. Obtaining crushed stones of the ideal size to spread the icy roads and make them stable and safer for the dumpers.

A teamwork

When necessary, the MB-S18 screening bucket can further help to select the material  and thanks to the grids of different sizes obtain different measurements

The need for different sizes mainly depends on atmospheric events explains Voronov Igor 'Vladimirovich: "If, for example, it snows a lot, you can distribute larger gravel so it covers the roads longer and the machines can drive without slipping. On the other hand, when there is less ice, you can spread finer gravel to avoid cutting or damaging the tires."

The operator assures that the change from one piece of equipment to another does not exceed 20 minutes, and also the adjustment of the output of the crusher is just as simple and can be carried out independently and quickly on site.

Which model is right for my job?


Important benefits

Important benefits

Before the arrival of MB Crusher equipment, the rocks were simply used for backfilling of roads and the quarrying site was forced to purchase 0-5, 5-10, 10-20mm crushed stone.

Instead, using the crushed stone produced by the BF120.4 crusher bucket and MB-S18 screening unit has allowed many advantages:

  • the recovery of the overload;
  • improve the sustainability of the quarry itself;
  • higher quality of the material produced and of the viability of the quarry;
  • savings on the purchase of materials
  • increase in the sliding capacity of the dumpers and less wear of the tires.

How much does it cost?