Procurement repercussion on construction supply chain


The supply chain for building material has been affected by a shortages, along with other issues, such as delays and sites being shut down during the Covid-19 emergency.

How to get aggregates during emergencies?
By reclaiming and use all of the material already available at the site using MB Crusher equipment. 



Procurement repercussion on construction supply chain
Procurement repercussion on construction supply chain

Which benefits can MB Crusher’s attachments give?

✔ Eliminate procurement expense and haulage costs
✔ Reduce processing time and avoid delays
✔ Simplify operations

What does it mean operationally? 
It means that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company G.M. Scavi e Miniscavi in northern Italy managed to build a retaining wall in record time, exceeding all expectation. 
The job involved rapidly containing an escarpment, by building a wood and rock retaining wall to secure a 15 meters vertical drop. 

The difficulties to overcome:
✔ The need for a large quantity of drainage gravel

✔ Logistic: the nearest supplier was an hour away
✔ The truck could only arrive 150 meters from the construction site
✔ The aggregate needed to be brought to the site with a small skid steer, a process that would have taken days
✔ The job needed to be done ASAP to secure the valley.   


The solution to all of the above problems? Reclaim and use all of the material already available at the site. 
Procurement repercussion on construction supply chain
Procurement repercussion on construction supply chain

How did they do the job? In record time! They got in touch with MB Crusher and bought two of their attachments.

  • With MB-S10 screening bucket they selected and cleaned the gravel reclaimed from the previous rotten barrier;
  • The extra grit needed they made with the aid of an MB-C50 crusher bucket reducing to size stones in the area;
  • Followed by a final screening stage with the screening bucket to make a state-of-the-art drainage system.

They made their supplies, the emergency was subdued, procurement and logistic was avoided altogether. 

When an urgent job, in an arduous to reach area, also needs to contain costs? 
Procurement repercussion on construction supply chain

The solution is reducing acquisition and delivery costs. The example is set by Mr Christos Tsaligopoulos of the company S.A.E.E. in Greece. The problem to solve: flood control. Riverbank protection was an urgent need after a river overflowed its banks twice in a short amount of time. 

The job needed to be: FAST, STRONG, COST-EFFECTIVE.

The choice was to use gabion retaining walls as they are heavy and therefore able to resist the river during a flood. Material and labour costs are a huge influence on the final price of the containment wall. 

And adding the cost of outsourcing from a quarry with the cost of delivery to this arduous are would swell the budget.

     The solution? 
                Mr Tsaligopoulos managed to cut back on expenses by filling the gabions with locally sourced stones. How?

✔ He chooses to use an MB-S18 rotary screening bucket to separate soil from the small rocks 
✔ The cleaned stones filled the gabions