Confined job space? High material hauling expenses?

Pipeline excavation projects are easier and more efficient if the material is processed on the site, with the right equipment.

All construction sites are subject to its location’s restrictions: crowded urban centers, congested highways, difficult and limited access spaces, bridges and delicate landmarks, arduous or deserted areas. These are many different scenarios that have one thing in common: the person that manages these sites face various adversities, for example expensive material hauling fees, confined job space, possible environmental restrictions, and noise and dust regulations.

  • The solution? Processing the excavated material on site. 
    Water mains, gas pipelines, power grids, and telephone networks, fiber optic cables and sustainable energy: no matter the job site, clean and screened material turns into a valuable resource, for example to use as backfill material.
  • Benefits? By cutting hauling and material processing costs the job’s profitability increases. 
  • How? With MB Crusher’s attachments. 
    MB Crusher invented and patented equipment that transforms utility excavation jobs into profitable and autonomous activities

There is a specific MB Crusher tool for each step of an excavation job:

Mobile crushers

They are installed on the excavators already on the job site and they crush the material extracted from the trench to the desired size.

Mobile screeners

They screen the material and divide it by the selected measurement, to be used for other jobs.

Shaft screeners

They process different materials by simply exchanging the required shaft kit, right there on the construction site, in just a few minutes. 

MB Crusher equipment therefore accompanies the work along the entire excavation process, without additional clutter and are always operational: you dig, the material is treated, the trench is filled. Everything on-site.

 These attachments are easy to use and simple to install on any brand and model of equipment, no need for specialized transportation and can be used in confined spaces, difficult to access locations, in town centers with pedestrian zones, and even in areas with no roads.

The benefits of using MB Crusher units on pipeline excavation jobs:

  • They transform excavated dirt into backfill material on site. This eliminates the need for trucks, lowering the road wear, emissions and overall pollution.
  • They cut material handling fees and buyback expenses.
  • No need for specialized transportation, they travel with the equipment they are mounted on.
  • They can reach the most arduous job sites even when there are no roads leading to the location.
  • They are low-maintenance and everything can be done on the construction site. Avoiding any downtime.
  • They can be used in urban jobsites or near tourist attractions, this equipment was thought to cut noise and dust emissions with low vibrations.
  • They are environmentally friendly, because they allow the reuse of local material.  


An added benefit: MB Crusher’s drum cutter

When your job requires a precise cut, a set digging depth, or downsizing the resulting material, the MB Crusher drum cutter is the right tool for the job.

Multifunctional and practical, they are perfect to dig trenches in residential or enclosed areas, to grind hard rock or granite surfaces, to work under water, or on high traffic roads that can’t be closed. 

Discover the MB Crusher model that fits your trench excavation job the best.

Work in a more self-sufficient way to make the job easier and allows you to consider new business opportunities.

  • They can fit any brand and model machine.
  • Can be used on multiple excavation jobs.