A unique site, with little to no access. 
There is hardly any space to move around the site. 

Demolish a property that has been covered in concrete and lava for the past 30 years. The logistic is dangerousintricate and costly

But luckily  Mark Swanson, CEO, and founder of Jamba Construction will tell us how it is done! Picture this: no space to move around, no roads to transfer a heavy machine and dangerous concealed holes. Mark and his team chose an MB Crusher Bucket for their skid steer, compact and easily movable attached directly to the heavy machine. And the job was pretty much done! 

They began to crush down base material and use it immediately to create a drivable road to navigate the site, to fill a massive void left by the remnants of an old pool and a 40ft shaft left by an old elevator. All this material was created directly on-site from the crushed down concrete and rock. 

We would’ve had to import those materials, which is a real logistical concern because getting trucks and ten wheelers up to the site is dangerous.

Or getting material over the water is not only dangerous but costly as well, and once we get the material on the beach, getting it up to the job site is a whole other endeavor; like using an expensive conveyor system.” 
- Mark Swanson, CEO. 

Jamba Construction took this challenging job and with an MB’s crusher bucketsfound a way to create reusable material on-site and cut transport costs as well as fees and problems related to the movement of material. As Mark stated, the performance is not evident until you use it. See it to believe it!