"The crushing action is very good and produces a uniform size, which is ideal for our needs"

So impressed with the power of the crush, D&E roberts continue to invest in a world leading piece of equipment

D&E Roberts bought their first MB Crushing Bucket from Worsley Plant in 2002 and have recently taken delivery of their third bucket – a brand new MB BF90.3.  Continuing to be impressed with the MB bucket and the benefits that they are reaping from it, they simply wouldn’t consider any other options. After their first bucket, they upgraded again in 2010 when they bought a new bucket, which they then refurbished two years ago.  Whilst it was being refurbished, Worsley Plant arranged for them to have a replacement bucket so that they weren’t without one.  

La benna frantumatrice MB Crusher al lavoro in un centro di riciclaggio per lo smaltimento di rifiuti.

D & E Roberts Ltd has been established for over 30 years. Since 1998 they have operated from their waste transfer/recycling centre in Leatherhead, providing waste disposal services to a diverse customer base, including householder’s builders, landscape contractors and blue chip companies. They continue to invest in "state of the art" waste sorting and separating equipment to process all waste including construction and demolition waste. They have an on going commitment to responsible recycling.

Their crushing activity is now on the increase, due to their increased focus on recycling wherever possible. They also had identified a need to crush smaller so they decided it was time to invest in a new bucket model. Dave Roberts, Company Owner, invited Worsley Plant to visit on a Thursday and by Tuesday they had their new bucket!! 


As Dave puts it, ‘An amazingly quick and impressive turnaround!  The bucket would have been out of service for a week and we simply can’t afford downtime, so Worsley Plant collected our old bucket (in part exchange) and delivered and installed our new bucket on the same day.” Back in 2002, D&E Roberts had a small crushing processing area and no space for a big crusher. crushing bucket was the perfect fit and continues to be the best solution today.

They crush on average 6 loads a day of Construction & Demolition waste, which goes through their waste plant.  It starts off going through their picking belt and it is the left over hardcore and concrete that has been recycled from roads, patios, drives and drainage which is crushed.

The main benefit of crushing is that it saves on disposal and ensures materials are recycled and reused.  This provides D&E Roberts with an additional source of income as well as being environmentally friendly.  They produce both Type 1 at 50mm down and Type 2 at 80mm down.  The crushed size is adjustable depending on customers needs.  It is a simple process of releasing the tension on the spring, and either adding or subtracting shins to adjust your crush size. 

Dave is extremely pleased with the MB Crushing Buckets.  He says:  “The operation of the buckets is quiet which is important for us, as we have neighbours.  The crushing action is very good and produces a uniform size, which is ideal for our needs.

Grazie al frantoio MB, il cliente può riciclare il materiale direttamente in cantiere e rivenderlo a terzi.

In a nutshell - it works.  It does what it says on the tin!  It is very reliable and comes with excellent service and back up from Worsley Plant, who we have now worked with for over 15 years.” With the bucket they can achieve 500 tons a week of recycled concrete – an average of 100-120 ton a day.  This is then sold on as an additional revenue stream for the company. 

They operate the bucket on a Hitachi 210, which is a 20 ton machine with a quick hitch.  This allows them to change from their crushing bucket to their digging bucket.  Their set up allows them to pick up the material, crush it and put it into a bay.  Their new bucket is an MB BF90.3 Series 4.  This needs the right machine as it’s a heavy piece of equipment. 

Dave adds:  “By increasing the volume of material that D&E Roberts recycle we have been able to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites.  Recycling for us is a key consideration.  With the landfill tax set to rise annually we have been able to reflect the savings we make on disposal in the prices we charge our customers.”