Turn the cost of disposing waste into an opportunity


MB Crusher has developed a range of innovative machinery capable of simplifying the complex process of recycling aggregates and demolition materials.

Effectively disposing aggregates can:

  • make each job more competitive and profitable;

  • grow your business independently;

  • save on transportation and disposal costs;

  • expand your market.

With the Call4Solutions service, MB Crusher is always open to listen to companies all over the world and help them develop new business opportunities.


Helping companies solve any operational problem by identifying new application areas that can become a new source of income.


From its first installation on the job site, thanks to the patented MB Crusher bucket, the entire recycling process took place on the construction site, eliminating material handling costs.

The answer to some of the most common questions that the Call4Solutions service received was the BF70.2 model, suitable for excavators weighing above 14 ton. Even when the operating machine was compact, companies that relied on MB Crusher found concrete solutions.


The hardest and most expensive part of an average job for my demolition company is transporting the waste material to a processing plant or landfill: what can I do to reduce costs?”​


With just one machine, MB’s BF70.2 mobile crusher, you eliminate hauling waste materials to landfills and the processed material becomes a resource for the company.

The customer now:

  • processes all the waste material from demolition jobs;

  • eliminate the need to transport the debris to a landfill;

  • has saved time and money;

  • has expanded his business: he now sells crushed material as fill or road base;

  • the production process was easy to manage and quick to implement.


We operate at an inaccessible quarry: how can we crush on site?


In the quarry, MB Crusher’s BF70.2 crusher bucket attaches to any operating machine and transforms it into a powerful mobile jaw crusher. Even in places where there is little space for maneuver or on sites with a steep terrain, the crusher bucket’s abilities remain unaffected.

Turn the cost of disposing waste into an opportunity
Turn the cost of disposing waste into an opportunity

In their dolomite quarry, the customer has been crushing aggregate since 2005, without fail. All the waste material is crushed as the excavation continues, without needing major maintenance, external interventions, or interruptions.

He easily obtains:

  • granular materials;

  • aggregate for concrete;

  • mixed granular material for fill;

  • aggregates for railroad ballasts;

  • granular material for bituminous conglomerates;

  • waterproof material as foundation.


We extract material from river beds: can we profit from it?”​


Yes, MB Crusher units adapt to any job by easily processing tough and resistant materials, making the construction site more profitable and competitive.

The customer now:

  • they crush with the BF70.2 directly in the riverbed;

  • crushes the extracted material on the spot;

  • sells the processed material as an aggregate for road work, profiting and expanding their market.


I own a demolition company and I work in city centers: how can I reduce disposal costs?”​


The solution is to use an MB bucket crusher. Agile, compact, and easy to manage: it’s transported to the construction site with the operating machine, all without increasing costs.

The customer now: 

  • enters and exits the center with the crusher installed on the excavator without a problem;

  • processes the material on site, without worrying about dust emissions and pollution;

  • uses the waste as fill;

  • is saving time and money, by optimizing his operation.


I am self-employed and deal with recycling: are there solutions for professionals like me?”​


MB Crusher machines are suitable for any type of company, even the smallest one. MB Crusher’s goal is to help companies and professionals reach their potential.

The customer now:

  • with his van, he collects the demolition material from his customers;

  • he crushes it in his warehouse;

  • sells the material as fill or road base;

  • he broadened his services and increased his income.


"I offer environmental remediation services and deal with inert material such as reinforced concrete: how does it become income?”​


MB Crusher’s patented crushers easily attach to any excavator and crush reinforced concrete without any issues. The iron simply comes out of the bucket with the crushed material.

The client now:

  • recycles crushed reinforced concrete;

  • grinds concrete posts;

  • crushes old sleepers;

  • sells the resulting material to use as base for the construction of a new railroad.