The grapple becomes the operators 'hand' in demolition work


Having an extra hand on site makes work easier and faster. Especially if that addition helps you work safely, it becomes indispensable. Here are the stories of those who have chosen to use an MB Crusher grapple to demolish old buildings and separate materials for recovery and disposal.

Hand Precision

Instead of the classic demolition grapple, Michele Foglia of Effe Emme Edilizia chose an MB Crusher MB-G900 grapple mounted on a Kobelco SK140 to demolish a 1940s farmhouse, which was unsafe and unfit for use. He dismantled it piece by piece, and with the MB Crusher's grapple, he immediately retrieved all the materials - floors, beams - to be disposed of. He also recovered the limestone to be reused for constructing a new building.
Motto: safety, extreme delicacy in picking up materials, agility

Discover the technical details of the MB-G900 model for excavators from 13 to 20 tons: ​
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the MB-G1200 sorting grapple recovers materials after demolition

Secures and disassembles

Gianluca Venturuzzo of the Venetian company Trevisan Carlo &C. used an MB Crusher MB-G1200 grapple on a New Holland Kobelco E245 excavator to demolish a prefabricated building constructed with insulated panels and iron. What convinced him was that the grapple has very intuitive controls, the claws' high clasping force, and the attachment's rotation. He could take down several wooden beams at once, thus speeding up the work on site. 
Motto: practicality, speed, precision

Discover the technical details of the MB-G1200 for excavators from 20 to 33 tons:


The MB-G900 Grapple sorts and recovers demolition materials

A secure grasp

From Friuli-Venezia Giulia, our customer Roberto Chiappelli tells us that with the MB-G900 grapple mounted on a Liebherr A 912 wheeled excavator, he was able to finish precise work in a short amount of time.
By dismantling the structures piece by piece with the MB-G grapple, he sorted and separated the materials to be recycled on the construction site: In one pile, the items to be disposed of. In the other pile, the items are to be reused on the construction site. This saved time and cut costs.

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