Our operators catchline: we don’t stop

MB Crusher has been in the attachment industry for 15 years, actively listening to operators and companies from all over the world. A common concept raised: a practical and flawless site is the key to a competitive edge.

MB Crusher has been in the attachment industry for 15 years, actively listening to operators and companies from all over the world. A common concept raised: a practical and flawless site is the key to a competitive edge.

"I need the job to be done well, quickly and without extra costs for logistics, maintenance or even training to learn any new technology.”
Tangible and genuine solutions are the prevailing desire of professionals and companies that are involved in many sectors like: construction services, demolition, roadworks, earth moving, industrial and urban development, trenching, excavations, tunneling and environmental reclamation.

"Our industry needs constant work. We cannot allow ourselves any downtime. Is there any other way to be competitive? ". Those who know the basic requirements for any construction, excavation and recycling job site, are familiar with the commitment towards the job. The customer’s satisfaction and deadlines, that each contract involves.

For over 15 years MB Crusher’s mission has been: to boost work, improve productivity, make companies competitive and to tirelessly win. Tireless is the perfect word to use to describe MB’s patented crusher buckets. As they enable to work non-stop for decades, while all the units require is sparing a few minutes to grease them. Everything processed onsite with zero extra expenses is the MB motto: crushing of any inert material onsite, with no transport, disposal or rental costs. For those who want to take full advantage of onsite processing, MB Crusher buckets lines are the ideal tools.

No need for specialized technicians, plus, no need to purchase many spare parts, equal to maintenance costs reduced to almost zero.

"As sales director - Guido Azzolin states- I can testify that every day we receive calls from company owners, excavator operators and project managers from all over the world.  We assist them by analyzing the costs of maintaining the old units while adding the new to increase production and profitability. It is mandatory to use the right attachment to optimize all inert material for the project at hand while taking into consideration the company’s goals and local restrictions.

There is a reason why we offer the widest range of crusher and screening buckets in the world: Our “first edition” units aren’t “disposable” or obsolete when we release the latest version. Our equipment simply evolve. We improve everything that research suggests while maintaining the quality that leads us to the top of our industry: our excellent on-site crushing, simplified operations, long life, competitive costs. We also take pride in our customer’s use of the attachments, by regularly publishing their videos on our YouTube channel. Each video is unique and shows the efficiency of MB buckets after many years in the field or the exceptional productivity of the newer models added in the work process ".

Our operators catchline: we don’t stop

Non-stop operations and high profitability:  is MB’s promise to all customers who want to increase their workload without modifying their excavator. From simply applying grease, exchanging jaws or installing a new bucket, all operations are done quickly with no time wasted on learning new settings or by attending courses or training sessions. All the profitability of a jaw crusher is immediately obtained on site.

Faithful to our commitment towards improving all job sites, wherever they may be, MB has agents and distributors all over the world. Ready to offer fast and free information, live demonstrations and around the clock assistance. Just contact the company by phone or by accessing their websites chat, to set up a demo, order parts or even to try a bucket to test its efficiency.

"Crushing" the costs to build profit directly on site is a play on words that reveals the golden rule shared by MB professionals and businesses in all 5 continents.

Our operators catchline: we don’t stop

MB Crusher’s numbers

  •  MB has been known for over 15 years in the world of crushing, demolition and recycling.
  • In 2001 MB revolutionized construction sites work making it more productive and simple: it was the first company worldwide to patent a crusher bucket
  • 20,000 crusher buckets sold: turn any machine into a real jaw crusher with the largest collection of models in the world
  • 17,000 square meters of production site and headquarters in Italy, seven branches, numerous logistics centers located in the various continents
  • Assistance, sales and after-sales 24/7