How to separate aggregates from iron?


To process reinforced materials, you need to remove the iron first, which is often a complex operation and comes with several issues.


The most common methods used to try and extract iron from aggregates  can cause:
✘ Cost increase

 Lengthy downtime when rebar damages the machines

However, there is a simpler and quicker way to do it: by using the carrier that’s already on site.



Demolish an old building

While demolishing a building from the 1930s, MB’s BF90.3 crusher bucket made it possible to crush all of the reinforced material, separating it from the iron and immediately reusing the aggregates as subgrade for the new parking lot.

The building from the 1930s used to belong to a church, then to a charity’s headquarters, and will now be home to a residential project that includes: 26 housing units, private gardens on the ground floor, and a shared vegetable garden.

There are numerous ADVANTAGES:

Environmental; it promotes recycling and reduces purchasing natural materials.
Logistical; reduce CO2 emissions by minimizing how often trucks arrive and leave the job site to transport debris or materials
 Economical; reduce disposal and transportation costs

How to separate aggregates from iron?

Recover barn gratings

After attempting, and failing, to process the barn gratings with a track-mounted crusher and then a demolition grapple, our customer switched to the BF90.3 crusher bucket.

With the crusher bucket, the reinforced gratings were crushed down to their desired output size and reused. The iron was then extracted and separated from the pile of aggregates using the iron separator.

No problems with the rebar jamming the unit
The rebar was separated from the aggregates using the 24V iron separator installed on the bucket and was operated from inside the cabin
They quickly finished their job

How to separate aggregates from iron?

360° recovery

Disposing of reinforced materials is expensive and a complex process. However, when you use the correct equipment, reinforced material can be recycled and reused.

You can solve your problem by installing a jaw crusher to the excavator you’re using on the job site then reducing the size of the aggregates.

The rebar doesn’t jam the unit and is separated from the pile of aggregates.

There are several ADVANTAGES:

Quickly separate materials directly on the job site
Recover materials independently
transportation and disposal costs