How did the Screening Bucket MB-LS170 stop the City of Odessa from throwing material away?

The MB-LS170 screening soil and waste material.

Reusing the soil that the City of Odessa recovered from their street sweepers, seemed impossible since the trash left on the streets contaminated the material. Instead of being able to do what the police department, sheriffs, and bomb squad wanted to do, which was reuse the soil to reform berms and disposal areas, they threw it away. Their list of expenses kept growing: they needed new material to reconstruct berms and disposal areas; they needed to haul the new material to the locations and the waste to a landfill.

 The MB-LS170 screening soil and waste material.

Instead of continuing to throw away material that they could easily reuse, they instead looked into screeners. Their goal was to come up with a list of options that was the best for them and found MB Crusher’s line of screening buckets.
After researching the products, they realized they didn’t need to look at other options. What piqued their interest regarding the screening buckets were their:

  •     compact size,
  •     versatility,
  •     mobility,
  •     and the different sized screening panels.


 The MB-LS170 screening soil and waste material.

By purchasing a unit, they wouldn’t need to worry about the equipment taking up room in their yard and could use it on future projects.
Since the screening bucket attaches to the heavy machine, they no longer needed to move the material to the unit to be processed – the attachment goes to the material.
With the screening bucket, they would also have the option of purchasing different sized screening panels in case the material they were processing was too large for the standard screens.


For their CAT 930K, the most compatible unit was the MB-LS170 screening bucket; with the unit, they extracted the trash from the soil, leaving them with a product they can use on berms and disposal areas.
They not only salvaged the material, but also reduced the amount of money they spent and waste sent to a landfill.