Crushing the old method!


Old methods feel comfortable and safer, but our customers have started the switch from their old methods to new ones by purchasing a BF90.3 jaw crusher bucket, because they can:

  • keep up with new and complex projects
  • add new revenue streams
  • save budget from unnecessary expenses
  • produce their own supplies instead of buying them

Is using old methods the easy way out?
The answer is NO!


Even when a working system  that “don’t require changing”, can benefit from a embracing an operational change.

As simple as did this company in Argentina, they had purchased a BF90.3 to recycle stones.

They use to discard them. But by attaching an MB Crusher unit to their Hyundai they crush them and sell the products to others. 

  • Their business is growing
  • New revenue stream is coming in 

Is using the old method cheaper?
The answer is NO!


Even if it saves you hours of research, those tried and tested processes cost you avoidable money.

In fact, by installing one of our BF90.3 to a Caterpillar 320 excavator, this small mining company in Perù found a way to invest in their company’s growth, while also saving their budget from unnecessary expenses. They use to sell the chalk as it was at a very low price, now they crush it with the MB mobile crusher and they have a high quality aggregate that is very valuable.

  • They make more money
  • Whit a fast return of investment on the crusher purchase

Are those tried and tested processes starting to cost you money?
The answer is YES!


Even if you know the ins and the outs of the procedure and have a solution for its problems, find a new way is cost-effective.

Instead of using a method they’ve used several times in the past: using truck to dispose the excavated rocks and haul to the site the purchased GSB, a simple change such as using a MB mobile crusher  allowed this Indian company to crush down to an appropriate size the excavated bedrock.

  • They produce their own supplies
  • They don’t have to pay someone to haul the material away.

When resisting change stunts your company’s growth, MB Crusher is the solution

As jobs become more complex, and bidding more competitive a simple way of keeping up with new and complex projects is to embrace the change you’ve been resisting and look for new methods or equipment that help get the job done and will give your company’s chances to grow and expand your services.

From bedrock, to concrete, to blue granite, and a variety of other materials and application areas, our jaw crusher bucket help make the rough transition from old methods to new ones, smoother.

A simple solution such as using one of our crusher buckets to process material on site can have you relying on the unit and give you the confidence to take on projects that you wouldn’t have been able to before.