A new padding bucket for loaders and skid steers


Conceived and designed for the gardening, landscaping and urban construction sectors, the new MB-HDS220 grading bucket is the solution for all construction sites that need to combine efficiency and versatility in a compact piece of equipment.

It fits loaders and skid steer loaders from 4.5 to 11 tonnes and has a large loading capacity, with a specially designed inlet port to easily convey the material onto the rotors.
As a result, its high productivity makes it the ideal piece of equipment for urban construction sites where work needs to be done quickly and where time constraints are a major issue.

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Technical specifications

  • The coupling system is designed to allow maximum freedom of movement of the carrier machine. This system allows excellent visibility of the material to be worked and of the worksite
  • The width of the inlet, 2.20 metres, allows the tracks of the carrier to be kept clean at all times.
  • Greasing is centralised
  • Rotors are easily replaced directly on the job site
  • Maintenance is simple and can be carried out directly on the construction site
  • The rotors holder is included
the MB-HDS220 padding  bucket fits on loaders and skid steers

Areas of application

The MB-HDS220 padding bucket facilitates work on all sites where there is a need to aerate packed soil - for example when landscaping a green area, a garden, or a flower bed; or when there is a need to reclaim and clean topsoil from various demolition debris, stones or roots; or to select material for covering pipes or trenches and sub-base.

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