MB India presents a succesfull story about one of its customers

For over 10 years MB has been a leader in the fields of crushing, demolition and recycling, by designing, producing and selling the very first jaw bucket crusher.

Since 2001, MB has offered the largest line of patented crusher buckets all over the world. With extensive innovation and development, MB now offers crusher buckets for excavators, skid loaders, and backhoes of all sizes.

Incredible India Projects Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad based ISO 9001 company, has been using the MB crusher bucket BF90.3 at one of its sites which has a rocky terrain. The company was established in the year 2007, for the sole purpose of developing real estate in and around Hyderabad. Renewed and improved over the years, the BF90.3 is the most popular model worldwide, suitable for excavators over 20Ton in weight.

We met Mr. Praveen Kumar Nedungadi, Director & COO of Incredible India Projects Pvt. Ltd. , "The project involves excavation and development of few hundred acres of land for real estate, which is a rocky terrain. Earlier, we were breaking the stone using manual labour. It was difficult to manage the site and was time consuming . We thought with right kind of investment in machinery, we can add quality to our product. With availability of labour becoming difficult day by day, we decided to go ahead with MB Crusher bucket.

The purchase of the MB crusher bucket represented a new phase in our company, radically changing our work method and therefore giving us great advantages both in financial as well as environmental terms".

We had an excellent experience with sales team of MB India. Initially, we were planning for a bigger version of crusher bucket, but Mr. Prashant Rambhad, Regional Sales Manager of MB India, visited the site and after checking the hardness of stone & production required, suggested us the right kind of crusher bucket. I believe if satisfaction of customer is maintained through such excellent service, MB will go a long way.

With the results what we have achieved, we are planning to add more MB buckets for other projects in near future".

MB S.p.A., set up in 2001, now exports to 150 countries and is acclaimed for innovation and technology of its products and quality of its service. The ability to respond to market demands and technical assistance given to their numerous clients has contributed to the growth of MB brand worldwide.

MB's products are conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and are protected by international patents. Every product that leaves MB Crusher factories represents therefore, in all respects, the characteristics on which the day to day work of a prepared team of professionals are based: innovation, efficiency, high specialization, quality, versatility, safety and reliability.