Interview to Ms. Marion Marriott – General manager of DM Breaker Equipment, Western Australia

“...We saw that the MB "owners" were much more satisfied compared to owners of other brands in the market!”

“My name is Marion Marriot and I’m the general manager of DM Breaker Equipment in Western Australia.

DM Breaker has been supplying WA’s rock breaking industry for over 20 years.

During this time we have established solid relationships with large and small clients in mining and construction industry.

DM Breaker has been looking for new products that will complement our existing products.

MB has developed and implemented a range of crushing and screening buckets that will rub off in construction I should say, and efficient design; we although saw that the MB owners were much more satisfied with their crushing and screening buckets compared to owners of other brands in the market.

We are exhited and proud to be associated with MB and to be the West Austalian dealers for MB.

MB offers product solutions for an entire range of clients allowing to process rock after breaking and recycling on site rather than paying expensive loading, tipping and carriage fees to have it taken away.

MB not only produces premium products that complement our exhisting range and client-base, but MB contributes to registering impact upon the environment, which DM breaker equipments view makes for a well lined and valuable partnership.

We are very impressed with the support that MB provides their dealer and we look forward to a very long and successfull relationship.”